Fight Against Emerald Ash Borer Changes Look of Mpls. Golf Course

Updated: 01/14/2013 5:20 PM By: Kate Renner

This week, the city of Minneapolis is removing hundreds of Emerald Ash Borer infested ash trees at Fort Snelling Golf Club.

On one of the coldest weeks of the year, this is the best time for crews to cut down the infested trees; the ground is rock solid, so the trees falling on the golf course won't damage the course.

And the beetles are dormant this time of year, and if crews wait for it to warm up, they could arouse the beetles and spread the infestation.

Green circles are painted on the bark to show the tree is infested with E.A.B. and won't ever come back to health.

Crews started chopping 200 ash trees down this morning, found to be infested last fall.
The only silver lining may be for golfers with a hook or slice, there will be fewer trees to hit into. But otherwise the course is losing a lot of shade and character.

Many of the ash trees were planted 30 or 40 years ago to replace the thousands of elm trees lost in Minnesota from the Dutch Elm Infestation.

A different type of tree will be planted to replace the Ash Trees.