Icy Sidewalks Can Be Costly for Minn. Property Owners

Updated: 01/15/2013 7:22 AM KSTP.com By: Ellen Galles

This melting-freezing weather trend we've had has created a lot of icy sidewalks. 

In most cities, it's a property owner's responsibility to keep the sidewalk safe and clean.

In St. Paul they've gotten more than 400 complaints about sidewalks in the past two weeks. 

The city will issue a warning, and if a resident doesn't comply, then they will do it for you...at a steep cost.

In St. Paul they charge $150 per hour for snow removal, $80 per hour for ice removal and a $160 administrative fee.

In Minneapolis they charge $110 per hour for labor, $55 per hour for equipment and a 10% administrative fee.