Burnsville Says No to New Thrift Stores for Now

Updated: 01/16/2013 6:45 PM KSTP.com By: Maricella Miranda

No new thrift stores will be added in Burnsville until the city completes a study later this year, according to city leaders.

The city council on Tuesday night plans to finalize a timeline for the study.

As a final action of the year, city officials last month adopted a temporary ban against adding any new thrift stores to the Burnsville Center retail area along County Road 42 until the study is complete.

About a handful of thrift stores currently exist in the city, said Marty Doll, city spokesman. The city plans to determine exactly how many businesses there are as part of the study.

Burnsville city council implemented the ban Dec. 18 during a 3-to-2 vote, Doll said. Some city officials' had concerns about the location and concentration of thrift stores in Burnsville. They also were concerned about the stacking, unloading and processing of donated materials. You can watch the full City Council discussion here.

Possible regulations could include separation requirements for the stores, licensing that specifies where the stores would be allowed, and possibly the addition of a new zoning district for the Burnsville Center area.

The study also will review how thrift stores in the city operate donations, stack merchandise, use outdoor storage and display information. Other cities' responses to thrift stores will be included in the study, too.    

The city plans to complete the study March 30, with officials potentially acting on changes by June, the deadline for when the temporary ban will be lifted.

The city council plans to finalize the study's timeline at a work session meeting 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at city hall, 100 Civic Center Parkway.

Arc is the organization that had hoped to open the new thrift shop that prompted the discussion and subsequent temporary ban.