Musel's Wolves Musings: Malcolm Lee’s Roster Spot

Updated: 01/17/2013 5:21 PM By: Ben Musel

According to Larry Coon’s CBA break down the Wolves have until the 15th of this month to request an extra roster spot to replace Malcolm Lee for the remainder of the season. They would be able to offer someone half of what Lee is making for the remainder of the season. That comes out to a shade over  $380,000.

Keep in mind that none of this will affect Malcolm Lee’s status with the team. Lee is the only injured player who might meet the requirements and he would still be under contract for the following season.

KSTP's Darren 'Doogie' Wolfson has been talking about Mikael Gelabale this past month and now  ESPN's Marc Stein is suggesting that the Timberwolves and Frenchmen are discussing joining forces. If this is true ,  I get the feeling that it would be wise for the team to give him that 300 large and cut ties with forward Lazar Hayward once his 10-day contract is upI truly know no more that you about Gelable other than some recent internet sleuthing. He was a second round draft pick that eventually played for the Seattle Supersonics. The forward opted to play in Spain after two seasons stuck behind some of the biggest names in basketball. 

His per 36 numbers in over 100 NBA games look pretty good and he seems to shoot the three pretty well. This team is desperately lacking an outside shot and swapping Hayward for Gelabale and adding another outside shooter could do wonders. A made three is a made three regardless of who shot it or how much time they spent on the court.

Donte Greene and Da’Sean Butler should make the list of players to workout in this scenario. Greene is that exact type of long, athletic player that Kahn salivates over.  Butler’s career looked bright until he was sidelined by an --wait for it-- ACL injury. I don’t know how effective adding a duo of fringe NBA players could be, but they’d be handed a chunk of minutes that the team desperately needs someone to take.

On Tuesday we‘ll have a better idea of how the team plans to claw their way out of the triage center. Be on the lookout.