Life Disorganized? Consider Hiring A Professional.

Updated: 01/14/2013 5:40 PM By: Ellen McNamara

If your pantry is overflowing, your closet is a mess, and a guest bedroom or office is filled with junk, you may think about hiring an organizer.

In today's Angie's List report, we explain how hiring a professional can help, and what you should expect to pay.

Homeowner Tomisa Staggs had a problem.

"Never when I reached for a hot pan could I find a potholder," Staggs said.

Staggs called a professional organizer for help, something Angie Hicks recommends.

"The first thing you want to do is make sure you've got a good reputable one, and with a history of organizing," Hicks said.

However, Hicks says make sure you know what you are getting and what you will have to pay.

Organizer Carrie Bell says if it is a large job, she will charge a flat fee.

"If it's a smaller job, like a pantry or closet, then we'll charge by the hour," Bell said.

A consultation can help figure out costs and the homeowners ultimate goal.

"You also want them to help you set up a system that will keep you from getting in this situation again," Hicks said.

Staggs says hiring an organizer was worth it.

"If you can save some steps, those steps add up to minutes, which add up to hours, which add up to more time you can spend with your family," Staggs said.

Professional organizers say paper is a major problem for homeowners, so investing in a shredder can help get you re-organized again.