Foreclosure Reform Bill to be Unveiled Wednesday at Capitol

Updated: 01/16/2013 1:03 AM By: Mark Albert

A trio of DFL lawmakers plans on Wednesday to unveil a foreclosure reform bill at the Capitol that would spare Minnesota homeowners some of the "unfair practices" that the representatives believe have become notorious.

"I wanted to do what I could to prevent it from happening again," said first-term Rep. Mike Freiberg (DFL-Golden Valley), who is introducing the bill in his first week on the job.

Freiberg says he was inspired by a constituent who is fighting to win her home back from foreclosure.

"She was the victim of some difficult, unfair practices," Freiberg said in an interview Tuesday.

The bill, HF83, would:

A news conference with Rep. Freiberg; Rep. Karen Clark, chair of the Housing Finance and Policy committee; and Rep. Raymond Dehn, is scheduled for Wednesday at 11a.

The bill's first hearing is set for 12:30p in the State Office Building.