In Midst of Rising College Costs, Rasmussen Cuts Tuition

Updated: 01/16/2013 7:24 AM By: Naomi Pescovitz

In the midst of rising college tuition, Minnesota-founded Rasmussen College is taking a different approach. The nation-wide school is lowering the cost for full-time students by an average of 12 percent starting this fall.

For Minnesota students, tuition will drop by an average of 18 percent. Cost per credit will be locked in for all students who are continuously enrolled through graduation. Some students will see tuition drop as much as 24 percent.

"That's a huge number. And I'm very excited about that. The next two years will be less than the first two so that will be great... this has been a great day," said James Davids, studying Justice Studies at Rasmussen.
According to school leadership, Rasmussen was able to reduce tuition by cutting marketing expenses and using technology such as E-books and live online lectures.

"We're able to streamline some of our processes and some of our operations to find efficiencies," said Patty Sagert, Campus Director of the Rasmussen campus in Blaine.

"For all the time that I've put in thus far into my schooling and achieving my educational goals, it almost feels like a reward," Davids said.