4 Students Disciplined after Racial Incident at Washburn High

Updated: 01/18/2013 7:47 AM KSTP.com By: Joy Lim Nakrin

A Minneapolis school sent a letter to parents after a racial incident on campus.

According to the letter, a small group of students dangled a black baby doll by its neck with a piece of string at Washburn High School Jan. 11.

Students recorded the incident, and some images were posted on social media sites. Security cameras also recorded the incident.

In the letter Principal Carol Markham-Cousins writes, "This is an extremely disturbing occurrence and not reflective of the Miller Pride that we promote. Such insensitive behavior is intolerable in our school and school district, both of which are full of diversity and rich in culture."

Markham-Cousins said the school took immediate action and is responding in several ways. The school followed its code of conduct for any inappropriate behavior.

The district says because of student privacy issues, details on the disciplinary actions will not be released. However district officials confirm that all four students involved are not attending the school at this time.

Some parents criticize the school for failing to inform them of the incident sooner.  Ralph Crowder, the father of a student said "for such an event of this nature to happen, and a parent or a school and a community to not be informed about this until four or five days later is just not efficient at all."

District officials say teachers plan to discuss the incident and race with students, and that panels and group discussions on the topic are being organized.