COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Devil May Cry PS3 Review

Updated: 01/23/2013 10:32 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I just received a review copy of Devil May Cry from Capcom for the PS3 and I am truly amazed by it. It is an action packed game and the action and excitement does not stop.

You play as Dante who is the main character of the game. The game starts out with you sleeping in bed and a demon that was looking for you finds you in your house boat. It attacks you and you have to fight it. After defeating the demon you learn that you are in Limbo City and you meet a girl named Kat who takes you to the leader of “The Order.” 

The Order is an organization that has been fighting demons for years and the leader Vergil asks Dante to help him. Dante doesn’t know that much about his past but soon learns that his mother was an angel and his father was a demon. As you go through the game you learn more about Dante and his past.

The graphics are amazing and I was blown away by them. The monsters are very detailed and animations are flawless. The game is very dark and the artists did an amazing job with using shadows to create a very spooky and chilling atmosphere. 

Another thing that I really thought was great was the number of different demons and monsters you have to fight. There was a great variety of enemies and they all looked so creepy and disgusting. The bosses you had to fight were very detailed and also very unique. I couldn’t wait to see what I would be fighting next.

The controls were easy to learn. There is a tutorial at the beginning of the game that explains how to control Dante. There is also a training option in the main menu where you can go and practice all of Dante’s moves. I thought that this was nice and very helpful.

As you play through the levels Dante gets different magical weapons that he can use against the demons. He gets his pistols which he calls “Ebony & Ivory and his sword he named “Rebellion.”  Dante can eventually switch between “Angel Mode” and can use a scythe called “Osiris”, and switch into “Demon Mode” and use an axe called “Arbiter.” Dante obtains these weapons later on in the game.

Dante also gets the ability to use a grappling hook to pull enemies or objects toward him and he can also use it to pull himself towards ledges and enemies as well.

When you obtain all of these weapons and abilities a screen will come up and explain what the item or ability is and how to use it. Then on the bottom of the screen you can see what buttons you need to push to activate it. Again I thought that this was very helpful and I caught on to the controls very quickly. I know that there are a lot of moves and combos in the game, but they are all very easy to perform.

At any time during the game, you can go and practice all of the moves and skills that you have learned. You can see what the name of the move is and what buttons you need to push to perform that action. You fight against one of the monsters and you can attack it as much and as many times as you want until you have the move down. Then you can return right where you left off in the game.

Combos play a very important role in “Devil May Cry” and they are the key to helping Dante survive and to defeat all of the demons. There are so many combos that you can do and each weapon has their own set of combos. If you time everything right, you can link all of your weapon’s combos together. For instance you can use your grappling hook and bring a monster towards you and when it gets close to you, you can pull out your ax and knock it up into the air. 

Then you can use your grappling hook again and pull yourself up into the air toward it. You can then pull out your guns and shoot the monsters and as it is falling, you can pull out your sword and hit it a bunch of times. I think it is unbelievable how awesome the combos are and how easy they are to do. At first I thought that I would never be able to pull off huge combos, but with a little practice I had no problems at all.

One interesting thing is that you are graded when you are fighting monsters and are doing combos.

The key is to do keep hitting the monsters without getting hit. You start out with a ranking of “D” and the more damage you do to the group, the better your ranking gets. However if you get hit once, you go back to the “D” ranking.

You are also ranked at the end of each level. The rankings range from D to SS. The level rankings are determined by how many times you died in the level, how many points you earned fighting the monsters in the levels, how many keys you found, how many tortured souls you saved and how many doors you unlocked.

However there are areas in each level that you cannot access right away. Once you obtain the item you need, you can go back and replay each level and get the things you missed. I really liked this lot because it makes me want to play the game more and gives it great replay value.

There are a certain amount of collectibles in each level and you can see how many of each item you need to find before the level starts. There are keys that you need to find to unlock doors. The doors lead you to secret missions and there are also tortured souls that you must rescue. The tortured souls are scattered all over the level and are sometimes very hard to find, because there is so much action going on in the game that they are easily missed.

As you are playing “Devil May Cry,” Dante will gain upgrade points and he can use these points to upgrade his moves and also his weapons and combos that they can do. To do the upgrades you need to find a statue in each level or you can do this at the menu screen before you start a level.

You can see all of the things you can upgrade and there is a preview of what the upgrade does and you can also go and practice it to see if you want it. I really liked this a lot also; because it gave me some control as to what I thought would be the best combos to use at a certain point in the game for Dante.

You can also buy items in the “shop” menu. You gain red orbs by defeating monsters and by destroying different things in the game. You can use these orbs to buy items that can increase or restore your health bar.  To use the item you, you need to pause the game and select it.

I really thought “Devil May Cry” was very challenging. You can choose to play one of three different modes of difficulty. There is “Human (easy)” “Devil Hunter (normal), and “Nephilim (hard).” 

Then once you beat the game you can choose two more difficult modes that are even more challenging.

As I mentioned earlier, you can unlock different things in the game by getting good rankings and finding certain things in the game. Some of the things that you can unlock and view are artwork, different skins for Dante and his weapons, and secret missions. These can all be viewed in the “Extra” menu.

I also really liked how the trophy system worked and thought it was unique. On the main menu screen you can select a “trophy” submenu where you can view all of the trophies that you can get in the game. There are trophies where you need to defeat a certain number of enemies for the trophy. The game keeps track of how many types of that creature you have defeated, so you can go to the trophy menu and see how many more monsters you need to defeat to get the trophy. 

There is also a leader board that you can go on and see how you ranked on each level. You can compare your scores with people from all over the country. I thought that this was pretty cool.
I do want to mention that “Devil May Cry” is rate MA and is not for kids. There is a lot of strong language and graphic violence.

Overall, I really enjoyed Capcom’s “Devil May Cry” a lot. It was very fun and exciting to play. The action never ended and the graphics were amazing. The controls were very easy to learn and I had no problems performing all of the many different combos.

The story was great and kept you wanting more. There are so many things to find yet in the game that I feel it has great replay value and I know that I will be playing “Devil May Cry” for quite a while.

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