Handgun Permits Issued Spike in Edina

Updated: 01/23/2013 7:44 PM KSTP.com By: Maricella Miranda

Nearly four times more handgun permits have been issued this month in Edina compared to the same month last year, police say.

So far this month, the city has issued 107 handgun purchase permits, said Edina Police Chief Jeff Long.

"The majority of these are new handgun permits," he said.

In January 2012, the city issued 30.

Edina isn't the only area in Minnesota to experience a rise in handgun permits. Since last month's mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary and talks about nationwide gun control, communities such as Anoka County have seen a jump in permit to purchase applications.

Minnesota sheriffs announced Wednesday that they support stricter background checks for people purchasing guns. As part of their recommendations, they're asking for police to have access to people's mental health records.

"People are scared and they want to be protected," Long said. "I don't want people in Edina to think it's only in other communities because it's here too."

Long wrote a blog Wednesday to inform residents about the city's increase in handgun licenses, and to remind them to keep their weapons safely stored. 

Minnesota law restricts residents from purchasing a handgun and semiautomatic gun if they have been convicted of a crime of violence, have a restraining order against them, or were mentally committed. A full list of the state's restrictions can be found here.

Long's blog can be found here.

Photo courtesy of the Edina Police Department.