Minn. Lawmakers Introduce Bill for Spinal Cord Research

Updated: 01/23/2013 5:40 PM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

Two DFL lawmakers want to give Minnesotans with spinal cord injuries hope they can walk again.

They introduced a bill to fund $8 million in research that could help people like Gabe Rodreick who was paralyzed in a diving accident in 2008.

Research is underway at the University of Minnesota that could one day lead to a major breakthrough in healing spinal cord injuries.

Gabe's father Matthew Rodreick said, "Those breakthroughs are happening and I believe this bill is a way in which the community and the state of Minnesota, can be behind that and invest in that research."

The bill is named in honor of Gabe Roderick and injured high school hockey player Jack Jablonski.