St. Paul Sex Shop Fights for New Sign

Updated: 01/24/2013 7:52 AM By: Todd Wilson

Troy Decorsey is the owner of "The Love Doctor," an adult store located on University Avenue in St. Paul. The sign he currently has above his business was approved back when he opened up.

"What I wanted to do is actually put a smaller sign up. It's actually smaller but it stuck off the building by four feet," Decorsey said.

Decorsey says the new light rail station that runs down the middle of University Avenue is blocking the view of his sign.

He has paper work showing he applied for a zoning variance with the city of St. Paul. He was asking for a sign of 25 square feet and got 20.5 square feet. On Nov. 26, 2012, his sign was approved by the St. Paul board of zoning appeals.

Anyone who opposed the decision had a 10-day period. Within that time paperwork against the decision arrived from the Hamline-Midway Coalition.

We stopped by the groups headquarters but no one was available, not even by phone.

Ward 4 Council member Russ Stark also opposed the decision and voted to reverse the approval. We stopped by his house Wednesday and he told me off camera "I have nothing to say to you."
Jan. 16 2013, the decision was reversed.

Standing outside his business, Decorsey says, he feels he is being discriminated against.

"Nobody has a problem with it except these two people," Decorsey said.

Those two people are councilman Russ Stark and Michael Jon Olson of the Hamline-Midway Coalition.

The city says, city council hasn't reversed a decision against a business since October 2010.