Mpls. Homeowners, Businesses May Get Million Dollar Tax Bill

Updated: 01/24/2013 7:19 AM By: Nick Winkler

A special $1.7 million assessment would help pay for paved streets.

Winter Street Northeast, and several nearby, are some of the last oil-dirt streets in Minneapolis.

The city will pay most of the $5 million dollar bill, but businesses and homeowners with property next to the streets in question would be on the hook for the other $1.7 million.

For instance, a foundry in the neighborhood would have to may $92,000. Some in the area are concerned that if they receive a bill that large it may jeopardize their futures.

On the other hand, long time area homeowners say it's about time the city paved the streets. Some have been waiting decades.

The Minneapolis city council will make a final decision Feb. 8.

Those concerned they will not be able to afford the special assessment can spread payments over twenty years.