Open Liquor Bottles Legal When Driving on Frozen Waters

Updated: 01/24/2013 7:51 AM By: Jay Kolls

We found a strange twist in Minnesota's open liquor bottle laws when it comes to driving on frozen water.

In the winter, state officials say you can legally drive your car on frozen water with an open liquor bottle as long as the driver is not intoxicated.

Motor vehicles, including ATVs and snowmobiles are subject to the same drinking laws as summer time boaters. Passengers can also legally have an open bottle of liquor in a car, snowmobile or ATV on frozen water. But, if the driver of that vehicle is over the legal limit, DWI laws apply and the person will be arrested.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving told us they were not aware of this strange twist and say they are surprised. A spokesperson says it does not make sense to allow an open bottle in a car anywhere at any time.

MADD says it might use this information to help them push for stricter open bottle laws on waterways in Minnesota.