Maple Grove HS to Hold Athletes to 'Higher Expectations'

Updated: 01/24/2013 7:47 PM By: Cassie Hart

Maple Grove High School is looking forward after 13 of their varsity hockey players were suspended from play.

The principal, varsity coach Gary Stefano and leaders of the athletics department held a meeting with the media only Thursday afternoon.

They outlined a plan for all coaches to work with student athletes and let them know they are being held to higher expectations. The plan is said to "be a work in progress and will take time to fully implement and see results".

The players were suspended for at least 2 games, and coach Stafano was put on leave for a day last week, during a school investigation into the incident that happened at a private residence back in December. Details of the incident are not being released due to data privacy laws.

The investigation revealed that there was a violation of the Minnesota State High School League code of conduct.

Maple Grove Police say there is no criminal investigation.