Few Details Released in Suspension of Maple Grove Hockey Players

Updated: 01/25/2013 4:08 PM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

Four people walk into a news conference at Maple Grove High School and have one thing in common. They know a serious incident happened off campus in mid-December with several members of the schools hockey team, starting with the coach.

"I want to be clear that this behavior is unacceptable," head coach Gary Stefano said. 

Then the principal.

"Helping them learn from their mistakes, I want to be clear, does not mean they are not held accountable for their actions," Principal Sara Vering said.

And then the district administrator.

"The behavior of a few student athletes does not speak for all," Wendy Loberg said.

The thing is, none of them wanted to talk about the serious incident reported on Jan. 14. The end result? Several hockey players suspended.

Instead they want to move forward with an action plan that involves developing positive leadership skills, encourage good behavior and assessing sportsmanship.

"These are the expectations we have for behavior," Loberg said.

At Thursday nights game at the Maple Grove Ice Arena, most parents didn't want to talk about it. 

"Nope, no comment," one parent said.

Others like Dana Johnson had a lot to say.

"I would be devastated obviously if it was my daughter or if it was my son," Johnson said.

The district says, their plan is a work in progress ad will take time to see results.