Pipes Break at Radisson Hotel Following Cold Snap

Updated: 02/04/2013 12:28 PM KSTP.com By: Katherine Johnson

We may be thankful for the "warmer" weather, but that doesn't mean we're not in for some serious sub-zero aftermath.

A burst pipe is to blame for an icy mess outside the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Minneapolis.

Workers spent Friday morning fixing the broken pipe and frantically salting the slick entranceway before anyone got hurt.

Averaging 12 calls a day, Nate Anderson with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing says in his whole career - he's never dealt with more frozen and cracked pipes than he has this week.

"It's usually in areas like this where cavities are seeping air through, cold air, because of leaks in siding or foundation or whatnot," he said.

He says it's not the freezing temperatures that cause trouble, it's when the weather starts warming up that we deal with frozen and cracked pipes.

"It's the sub-zero temperatures is what freezes the pipe, then of course the warmer weather comes in, thaws the pipe out and that's when you get the cracked pipes and the water bursts."

Anderson says to avoid frozen and cracked pipes, leave your faucets running when we hit below zero to keep a small stream of water constantly moving through the pipes.

"Its basically the same concept as a river flowing.  The water is not going to freeze as long as the water is flowing through the pipe," he said.

It'll add a few cents to your water bill, but it could save you thousands of dollars spent repairing a much bigger problem down the line.

Minneapolis Public Works say they've had four pipes break since the cold snap started on Saturday and Anderson only expects business to keep rising along with the temperatures.