Saint Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family Announced

Created: 01/25/2013 11:10 PM By: Scott Theisen

Day two of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival's 11-day run wrapped up Friday.

The multi-block ice carving competition was under way at Rice Park, while over at the State Fairgrounds snow sculptors were busy at work.

The day wrapped up with the coronation of this year's royal family at the Saint Paul RiverCentre.

Boreas LXXVII - Ted Natus

Aurora, Queen of Snows - Melissa Hoffbeck

Prime Minister - Matt Wallace

Titan, Prince of the North Wind - Mike Maranda

North Wind Princess - Jill Volkert

Euros, Prince of the East Wind - Mike Canine

East Wind Princess - Shannon O'Brien

Zephyrus, Prince of the West Wind - Ryan Rutzick

West Wind Princess - Carrie Paetow

Notos, Prince of the South Wind - Chris Stout

South Wind Princess - Megan Erickson

Klondike Kate - Anita Mack

Guard Captain - Bryan Johnson            

Guard Sergeant - Christopher Villella

Guard - Tom Kreuser   

Guard - Jeff DeKuester

Guard - Chris Kruse

Royal Coordinators - Kelly Karwoski and Brent Reykdal