In the Action of Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013

Updated: 01/27/2013 9:38 AM By: Kaitlin Stevens

As I made my way around the Crashed Ice course for the first time, I made a few observations I'd like to share with you. First, while that starting drop might look scary from the bottom, after you climb to the top it's even scarier.

To be sure, it is a long way down.

Thankfully for the 115,000 that came out to watch there were a few dozen people insane enough to do this.

As you're watching lots of questions pop up in your mind. First, how and then why? Eventually, *who* does this. Believe it or not, just being good at hockey doesn't cut it.

It is called *Crashed* Ice and that' what the fans are hoping for, but ultimately it's the person insane enough not to crash that wins.

Saturday night's winner was Canada’s Kyle Croxall who beat his brother Scott and American Cameron Naasz in the final of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship race in front of 115,000 spectators.

According to event organizers, it was the closest final in the 13-year history of Red Bull Crashed Ice and it took several moments for judges to analyze the photo finish to determine the finishing order.

These are the final results:

Results: 1. Kyle Croxall (CAN), 2. Scott Croxall (CAN) 3. Cameron Naasz (USA), 4. Kim Muller (SUI), 5. John Fisher (CAN), 6. Jim De Paoli (SUI), 7. Derek Wedge (SUI), 8 Paavo Klintrup (FIN), 9. Miikka Jouhkinmainen (FIN), 10. Marco Dallago (AUT).

World Championship standing: Kyle Croxall (CAN) 2000 points, Naasz (USA) 1400, Scott Croxall (CAN) 824, Braun (SUI) 820, Klintrup (FIN) 770, Muller (SUI) 760, Wedge (Sui) 760, Fisher (CAN) 650, De Paoli (SUI) 640, Dellago (AUT) 580