COLUMN: A Senior Moment with Barry ZeVan: Cold Snaps

Created: 01/28/2013 11:05 AM By: Barry ZeVan

In this week’s column from Barry ZeVan, he gives his “Senior Moment” on the recent cold temperatures:

The recent below zero temperatures prompted my brain to become un-frozen and remember the coldest temperatures I’d ever experienced personally.

Perhaps the temperatures you’re about to hear will put a brighter perspective on this winter’s cold snaps. The coldest actual air temperature I’ve ever endured was 54 below zero Fahrenheit, one lovely January morning in 1960.

At that temperature, under very high pressure, there was no wind, but little ice crystals were hanging in the air.

That occurred in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, where I was working as a TV weatherman, booth announcer and movie show host. 

The coldest wind chill I experienced was 66 below zero on the University of Minnesota campus during the winter of 1973-74.

I was on my way to deliver a speech to one of the classes, but had forgotten my own forecast of dangerous wind chills.  

When I walked two blocks from the parking garage to the classroom building without a topcoat or head-covering, I had become so frozen it was almost impossible to talk.

That was probably a blessing for the students, but certainly not for me!

Thanks for reading, thinking and sharing in this senior moment. Was I supposed to write all that? Senior moment! Oh, just kidding, see you next time.

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