Edina School Board Approves Pre-Labor Day Start

Updated: 01/29/2013 7:21 AM KSTP.com By: Scott Theisen

A vote Monday by the Edina School Board will change summer vacation plans for some families. 

The board voted to change the school calendar. Now, the school year will begin before Labor Day and end a week earlier in June.

Some Edina school officials say an earlier start to the year would give students five more days to prepare for national and statewide assessment tests.

The district says, they started looking into the change in 2009. They started alerting parents in October of this year. In December the proposal was presented to the board. Monday night it passed with a majority vote.

But opponents say early school year starts take away from the Minnesota tourism business on Labor Day weekend.

"It is our family, our memories, they just took that from us without a community vote," Johnna Reich said.