COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: BabyFirst DVD Series Review

Updated: 01/29/2013 12:31 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Yes, you read the title of my review correctly. I am doing a review of Mill Creek’s “BabyFirst” DVD series. I know it’s not the typical horror movie or video game review that I normally do, but I saw this series and thought it would be great to review.  

I have a two-year-old daughter and also a five-year-old daughter and it’s hard to find something appropriate for them to watch. So for the past few weeks the three of us have watched all eight DVD’s that were sent to me for review.

BabyFirst is a television channel that was launched in 2006 and it can now be seen on DIRECT TV and Dish Network. BabyFirst provides educational shows for babies, toddlers and parents to watch together. The programs and content that are shown in the many different programs are created by some of the leading experts in child development and education. 

The programs are designed to have parents interact with their babies and toddlers while watching the shows. 

All of the DVD’s in the “BabyFirst” series are intended for a certain age group. The age groups are printed right on the cover of the DVD’s so you know if your baby or toddler is old enough to watch and understand the content.

I really liked this a lot, because some of the DVD’s are just music and pictures and are intended for babies that are 3 months to two- years-old. My five-year-old was very bored with this and didn’t want to watch this type of programming. However, my two-year-old loved it.

I thought that all of the programs were really well done and were very educational for babies and toddlers. Kids are taught numbers, letters, colors, and music in the programming through many different colorful and stimulating visuals. 

Each video contains four chapters that have a combination of many short little clips and each video is over two hours long. Each DVD in the series also has a different theme. Here are some of the videos that are in the series:

Even though the videos are created for children up to four-years-old, my five-year-old did find most of them entertaining. I did try and interact with my two-year-old with all of the videos and it was a lot fun. It was also very enjoyable watching her react to all of the animations and music in the programs.

Overall I think that Mill Creek’s “BabyFirst” DVD series is great for many reasons. The videos are designed to teach babies and toddlers about many things that they will encounter in their early years of life. The visuals in each video are very colorful and are very entertaining for children to watch. I think that parents will feel that the “BabyFirst” DVD series is a great way to interact with their children. 

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