Brooklyn Park Warns of Scams

Updated: 01/29/2013 4:56 PM By: Cassie Hart

Brooklyn Park City Officials are warning residents about a scam that has been reported several times over the past week.

Officials say someone is claiming to be a utility worker and telling residents they need to buy reloadable cards from Walgreens in order to pay for their bills.

The scammer then asks residents to call him back and give him the number on the back of the Green Dot card in order to pay for their utility bill or their utilities would be shut off.

The scammer gives this number to call him back at: 908-989-0509.

Another victim was scammed by purchasing amusement park tickets through a legitimate looking website, according to Brooklyn Park officials.

The scammer told the victim that the credit card machines were down and he’d have to go buy a reloadable debit card at CVS (My Vanilla card) and call him back with the number on the back, which the victim did and lost his money.

If you’re a victim you can file complaints with the following agencies:


          Minneapolis Office
          1501 Freeway Boulevard
          Brooklyn Center, MN 55430