Minneapolis Neighborhood Sees Spike in Burglaries

Updated: 01/30/2013 7:11 AM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

A Minneapolis woman spoke with us while hiding her face. She is nervous. She is the victim of a burglary on 4th avenue in South Minneapolis.

"After no one had been around a few days, somebody pushed through a air conditioning unit, came in the back window," the victim said.

She says it was a Saturday, a day that's never been the same.

"You're a little scared and you feel like you are being watched," the victim said.

She isn't alone, in a crime update from the Third Precinct, sector 3. It shows over 30 burglaries between January 4th to the 26th of this year, that's 22 days. The numbers are not a surprise but the time of day is alarming. Most happened during the day and five of them while someone was home.

The area is on the south side of East 42nd Street to Crosstown Highway between I-35W and Minnehaha Avenue. The third precinct says last year they had 98 burglaries and 95 so far this year.

Julie Hample is the block leader of her neighborhood. She points out the houses in her community that have been broken into. She says she felt like a sitting duck.

"It's a terrible feeling, in your own home and feel like you are a target," Hample said.

Minneapolis police say citywide burglaries are flat through Tuesday night for the year at 312.

Here's a few suggestions the police are giving to help prevent a burglary. If someone knocks on your door, go see who it is, it doesn't mean you have to answer it.

Next, you want to check your windows and doors. You want to make sure no one has been trying to pry them open.

And here's another suggestion, if you are going out of town or leaving for the day tell a neighbor you trust so they watch out for you house. And if you see anything suspicious, call 911.