Former Viking Creates Skull Cap to Help Detect Concussions

Updated: 01/30/2013 6:17 PM By: Cassie Hart

NFL player and St. Paul native Matt Birk has pledged to donate his brain to a Boston medical school that studies sports brain injuries.

Birk plays for the Ravens now, but continues his push to make football safer at all levels. This is an issue Birk has been passionate about of for years.
Birk is of course a former Minnesota Viking who went to Cretin Derham Hall High School. He has played in the NFL for 15 years and at 36-years old has suffered his share of concussions.  
Birk has been an advisor to Reebok who is coming out with a skull cap players would wear under their helmets.
It's called check-light and is designed to help players coaches and parents make informed decisions when it comes to those hard hits on the field.

"When you're talking about head injuries and concussions it's not like a broken bone or something that's very evident to the eye or even to a doctor, so this device does give you instant feedback as to how great it was and how to measure that," said Birk.