New Gun Control Proposal at Minnesota Capitol

Updated: 01/31/2013 1:37 PM By: Kate Renner

A bill introduced today at the State Capitol is aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of violent repeat criminals. It also attempts to close loopholes where felons can get access to guns.

The bill is co-authored by DFLers, Representative John Lesch, St. Paul and Senator Ron Latz, St. Louis Park.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says the bill carried the support of the Minnesota County Attorney's Association.

Here's the bill's five parts

1. Keep guns away from felons convicted of violent domestic abuse, such as strangulation.

2. Be able to try juveniles as adults if the juvenile is caught with a gun a second time.

3. Prohibit felons from not only owning guns, but also ammunition.

4. Treat a person who aids and abets a felon in getting a gun, as a felon.

5. Restrict the mentally ill from possessing a gun, even if they're not committed to a state facility.

The bill's authors says it is aimed at people who have a history of committing violent crimes.

"The statistics clearly bare out that if you have been adjudicated having been violent in the past, and convicted of crimes, you are more likely to harm individuals in your household, in your community with a gun than is someone else," said Rep. John Lesch, St. Paul.

"If a person before they're 18 has been picked up 4 times, carrying a pistol, perhaps they weren't the person who used it, they shouldn't be packing. What's a 16 year old doing with a gun?" said Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney.

This is just one of at least ten bills expected to be filed today, Friday and Monday. All gun-related bills will be discussed the middle of next week.