WEB EXTRA: The Best Deals on Super Bowl Snacks

Updated: 02/01/2013 4:18 PM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

With the Super Bowl coming up Sunday, it's a great time to scoop up deals on party foods.

KSTP.com checked in with Consumer Savings Expert Carrie Rocha who says grocery store sales are underway.

Carrie suggests finding the following savings:

Chicken Wings

Carrie says normally this is the best week to get deals on chicken wings- but not this year due to a chicken wing shortage. If you had chicken wings on the menu you may want to switch to something else like meatballs or cocktail wieners.

If you don't want to cut wings from your menu- Carrie suggests finding a store that has fresh chicken wings and adding the sauce and spices yourself. However, she says finding the fresh wings in stock could be an issue.


There was a coupon in the paper last week for DiGiorno pizzas- you can buy two pizzas and get one free. If you use that at Walmart you could get pizzas for $3 a piece. The coupon is also online on Carrie's website.

Avocados for Guacamole

Any time you find an avocado for less than $1 it's a good deal. Aldi is Carrie's go-to for produce. This week for example, they have avocados for 39 cents each. While you're there you can get produce for a veggie tray for a great price.


You can stock up for savings right now on bratwurst, Italian sausage and condiments. You'll want to get enough to last you to Easter. Carrie says once Easter rolls around you'll see these foods on sale again in the spring and summer.

Carrie will be in the KSTP-TV studio Tuesday for a web chat on Valentine's Day deals. If you have a question, email web@KSTP.com.