Report: Govt. Wastes Millions on 'Bomb Sniffing' Dogs

Updated: 02/01/2013 5:32 PM By: Cassie Hart

It's likely when you fly, you'll spot a bomb sniffing dog patrolling the area. But what if those dogs didn't actually sniff bombs?

A new report from the "Government Accountability Office" says the government has wasted about $100-million without knowing if dogs moving through an airport can follow the scent of a bomb on a passenger.

Jeff Price with Metropolitan State University of Denver says, "Most of the time, they're hitting luggage, stationary objects, known objects . These passenger screening canines walk through a terminal and detect a scent, then they follow the scent. This is new here in the U.S."

A TSA video shows a bomb sniffing dog locking in on an explosive device one man. But another video shows a dog walking past a woman who had an explosive training device in her backpack.