On the Road: Oddities

Created: 02/04/2013 11:32 AM KSTP.com By: Hannah Anderson

Come with us to discover some of the strangest, oddest and most unusual things Jason Davis has found "On the Road."

In the far southeast of Minnesota we visit "The Worlds largest Woodcarving Museum" presided over by an incredible character best known as "Slim."

In the west of the State you'll see the strange sight of a full sized church trundling down the highway. We'll show you where it's bound and why it's on the move.

In Minneapolis marvel at the story of a gigantic tapestry that is destined to become a national treasure. You wont believe how long it is taking to finish.

And to celebrate Minnesota winters we have  stories about a couple of great, new and novel ways to have fun on the ice.

It's all part of the fun when we go "On the Road" to find discover "That's Odd."