COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Fury: The Lost Episodes Review

Updated: 02/06/2013 11:13 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I really enjoy discovering old television shows that I have never heard of before. I think that it’s fun and very entertaining to see what people back in the early days of television watched. 

I feel that these old shows are like time capsules because they are filled with history from that time period. For example, the clothes that people wore, vehicles they drove or even the theme of the show somehow tied in with what was going on in that era.

Last week I received a review copy of “Fury: The Lost Episodes” from Mill Creek Entertainment on DVD. I had never heard of the show before until I did the interview with Jeff Hayne from Mill Creek last month. So when I received the review copy, I was very excited. 

“Fury” aired from 1955 – 1960 on NBC and it starred Peter Graves, Bobby Diamond and William Fawcett.

“Fury” is about a rancher named Jim Newton who had lost his wife and son in an accident. He takes in an orphan named Joey and they become really good friends. Jim catches a wild stallion and he names it Fury. Joey bonds with Fury right away and he is the only one that can ride him.

I thought that “Fury” was very entertaining and I can see why it was so popular back in the 50’s. 
It is a very exciting show; there are gun fights and some very intense situations like in one episode where Joey and his friend are trapped by a bear and cannot get away. Fury comes to the rescue and it’s a big fight between Fury and the bear. 

Fury eventually wins and the bear runs away.

I also really felt that “Fury: The Lost Episodes” was a great show to watch as a family. Every episode contains a positive message and they all end on a happy note.

“Fury: The Lost Episodes” contains 23 episodes on three DVD’s and is over nine hours long.  

Eighteen of the episodes have never been released on video or DVD before, so that is really exciting. The pilot episode is also included, which I thought was great, because it shows you how Jim and Joey meet and also how Joey’s and Fury’s friendship develops.

“Fury” is in black and white and thought that was also great. Back in the 50’s people watched it in black and white and for me it gave it that nostalgic feel. I think that a lot of people who watched “Fury” will really appreciate seeing it again in its original format.

All of the episodes look great and are very sharp. The picture doesn’t seem too grainy or scratched. 

I really liked Mill Creek Entertainment’s “Fury: The Lost Episodes” a lot. The episodes were exciting and very entertaining. The quality of the video looked amazing considering the show aired back in the 1950’s and early 60’s. I also think that this is a great show for family’s to watch. I know that my family really enjoyed it a lot and I know yours will also.

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