Burnsville Considers New Rules for Food Trucks

Updated: 02/11/2013 2:05 PM KSTP.com By: Maricella Miranda

Food trucks in Burnsville could be regulated under new city rules.

Today, Burnsville's ordinances don't address mobile vendors, like food trucks, which are stationary for several hours and move daily, according to the city. Also, the ordinances have inconsistent regulations regarding right-of-way for food trucks.

The City Council on Tuesday will talk about possible new food truck requirements during a work session meeting. Some ideas for a proposed ordinance include:

In 2012, there were three mobile food vendors licensed in Burnsville, the city reported. The city received a couple complaints, which were resolved, because of the trucks.

None of the businesses have renewed their licenses so far this year.

Burnsville officials also are considering supporting a regional truck food commissary, which could help food truck vendors find commercial kitchens to prepare food.

Another option for Burnsville is to create a Food Truck Rally, where trucks would be stationed at a regular spot or during special events.

Burnsville officials have been researching vending in parks and food trucks since June 2012. Since then, city staff have asked other cities how they regulate food trucks.

Eagan studied its ordinance last summer with officials opting to keep its existing regulations for the businesses. Minneapolis and St. Paul have separate food truck ordinances.

The Burnsville work session will start 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 100 Civic Center Parkway.