Minn. Schools Warned about Dissolvable Tobacco

Updated: 02/13/2013 7:10 AM KSTP.com By: Jessica Miles

Dissolvable tobacco, it's something tobacco companies are testing in a few select cities with the hope of eventually selling to everyone.

Camel has orbs that look like mints, strips that resemble Listerine breath strips and sticks that look like a toothpick.
All of these dissolve in your mouth, all have nicotine, and while they're only being tested in Indianapolis, Denver and Portland now, experts say all will likely be on store shelves here soon.
That's why some Minnesota school districts are being warned to watch out for them. 
"Because so many of these tobacco products are brand new and they don't look like tobacco products, we felt like teachers and parents need to know about these products and to know what to look out for, " said Betsy Brock with the Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota.
Experts fear because they are more discrete than smoking a cigarette, and because of the packaging kids might be especially attracted to them.
Brock also says they are being marketed to what's becoming a smoke-free society, she says that means people will use these products at work or in school, and smoke at home.  She says with people using multiple forms of tobacco, they are becoming even more addicted.