5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Presents: Minnesota in Pakistan

Updated: 06/15/2013 10:46 PM KSTP.com By: Mark Albert

Minnesota know-how is making a difference in a country few of us will ever visit: Pakistan.

Over the past two years, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has been proud to host four Pakistani journalists in our newsroom, each for about three weeks at a time.

And we've found lots of other Minnesota ties to Pakistan, too.

So in January 2013, reporter Mark Albert went to the south Asian country to find more Twin Cities connections, as part of a journalism exchange program with the International Center for Journalists, sponsored and funded by the US State Department.

Here are Mark's stories of Minnesota in Pakistan:


Watch a narrated slideshow with our Mark Albert, who joined six other US journalists on a two-week visit to Pakistan.

Read 'Creating understanding with a big heart,' about a spontaneous stop by the group of US journalists, including our Mark Albert, at a school in Taxilla, Pakistan. Courtesy Bob Gabordi, executive editor, Tallahassee Democrat. (01/2013)

Watch: 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS hosts its first journalist from Pakistan, Sohail Akhter. (05/2011)

Watch: Pakistani journalist Gharidah Farooqi finds hockey and hope in Minnesota. (04/2012)

Watch: Minnesota news through the eyes of Pakistani journalist Naseer Baloch. (10/2012)

Click here to watch an interview that aired May 9, 2013, with Dr. Fouzia Saeed, a University of Minnesota graduate who was featured in part two of our series. She talks about her new book, "Working with Sharks: A Pakistani Woman's Story of Sexual Harassment in the United Nations - From Personal Grievance to Public Law."

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