COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Fantasy Flight Games

Created: 02/15/2013 11:08 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I started playing board games at a very early age and I think that’s why I enjoy them so much. I remember playing all kinds of different games with my family and friends growing up and I was always playing some sort of board game. I started playing games like “Cootie,” “Clue,” and “Operation.” 

As I grew older, I started playing more advanced games and there were some amazing horror games that came out that I played for hours with friends and family. Some of them were “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Door Ways to Horrors (this was cool because it was a VHS game with horror movie clips),” and “Shrieks and Creaks (you need a cassette player for this one).” I still have all of them and need to dig them out again.

I went to college with my best friend from high school and we lived together for many years. 

He enjoyed games as much as I did and so did our other roommates. This is where we were introduced into card games like “Magic the Gathering” and role playing games (RPGs).

About a year ago my friend called me and said that he just bought a new game called “Arkham Horror” and we need to play it. We live pretty close to each other and we try to get together about once a month to play games. I couldn’t wait to play and now that is pretty much the only game we play now. 

It so fun and it’s based on the H.P. Lovecraft stories.

“Arkham Horror” is a horror themed game where you can choose from many different characters and they each have special abilities. Your goal is to stop a demon called “The Ancient One” from destroying the world. There are many different “Ancient Ones” that you can choose to try and defeat. There are also expansions that you can buy with additional, cards, rules, characters, maps, and “Ancient Ones.”

“Arkham Horror” is made by a company called Fantasy Flight Games.  They create and make many different games such as, “Game of Thrones,” “Relic,” “Talisman,” and “X-Wing.” The games are very popular and are sold all over the world. 

Not only does Fantasy Flight Games make some of the best board and card games in my opinion, but they are located in Roseville, Minnesota. When I found out that Fantasy Flight Games was in Minnesota I knew right away that I had to do an interview with someone from the company. 

I sent an email to Fantasy Flight Games to see if I could do an interview with someone and Anton Torres who is the Marketing Operations Manager replied back to me and said that he would be more than happy to do an interview.

A few nights ago I met Anton and the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center which is also located in Roseville and did a quick interview with him. You can watch the interview in the video player above. I was very excited because how often do you get to meet and talk to the people that are involved with some of your favorite games.

The Fantasy Flight Games Event Center is really unique, because not only is it a place for gamers to come and play their favorite games with other gamers, but it’s also a retail store.

You can go there and buy many different games and all of the Fantasy Flight Games are also available.

I really had an amazing time meeting Anton and seeing the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center. If you are a fan of card and board games, you really have to check out Fantasy Flight Games.

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