Lawmakers Vow to Crack Down on Data Breaches

Created: 02/17/2013 7:37 PM By: Nick Winkler


Senator Scott Dibble, (DFL) Minneapolis, is sponsoring a bill that would increase the penalties for public employees using the state's DVS database improperly.

Dibble says increased oversight is a must following a breach at the Department of Natural Resources.

Ex-DNR Captain John Hunt, who was recently charged criminally, is accused of wrongfully accessing the database to view personal data belonging to federal politicians, state judges, and celebrities.

Initially, the DNR told us 5,000 people had been victimized. However, an internal investigation the DNR ordered puts the number of victims at more than 7,000 people.

Additionally, the report indicates Hunt was also trusted to train new employees with access to the database in regard to data privacy.

Some believe the legislative audit regarding the database, which is due out Wednesday, could be highly critical of how the database is used and managed.