'Brain Activity Map' Could Help Treat Alzheimer's

Updated: 02/18/2013 4:28 PM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

The Obama administration is planning a huge scientific effort to better understand the human brain.

It's called the 'Brain Activity Map.' The project could help treat Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders.

Michelle Barclay with the Minnesota-North Dakota Alzheimer's Association says, "New research would seek to better understand how the disease progresses, the origin... and also the more we understand about the brain and how it works, the more we can understand what to target in terms of treatment."

The project could be part of the President's budget proposal next month. Details have not been finalized, but scientists say it could take a decade and billions of dollars to complete.

Meanwhile, nearly 98,000 people have Alzheimer's in Minnesota.

The group 'Act on Alzheimer's' says someone in the United States develops the disease every 68 seconds.

It predicts more than 135,000 Minnesotans will have Alzheimer's in the next 15 years.