Musel's Musings: No Pau, No Problem

Updated: 02/19/2013 5:42 PM By: Ben Musel


Doogie and I have gone back and forth about Lakers forward Pau Gasol for longer than you can imagine. He's always for and I'm always against based on what he’s hearing. That is sort of my association to the basketball world. Circling the drain of knowledge, but a step away from most direct contact.

I think Pau Gasol is a great player and by all accounts a great person, but I don’t see him or his rather large contract fitting on this team. While Gasol’s skill-set is very wide-ranging, I believe a healthy duo of forwards Andrei Kirilenko and Kevin Love manage Pau and an average starting forward’s numbers easily.

I also believe that center Nikola Pekovic is worth a shade under 50 million for four more years of work and he would either have to be involved in the trade or a particularly painful cap casualty.

Now, the front office can turn its head away from a wrong move and focus on finding the right move. Playoff contention is creeping further and further away in a very competitive Western Conference.

The Wolves need to figure out a way to use some combination of forward Derrick Williams, guard Brandon Roy’s expiring, their extra point guard, and four extra future 2nd rounders to make some sort of trade by Thursday afternoon's deadline.

This team would be better off looking into a backcourt mate who is a sharpshooter to pair with Rubio than trying to wedge Gasol into some odd rotation with Love and Williams or Pek or neither.