Complaint: Mpls Woman Charged in Kidnapping Screamed 'That's My Baby'

Updated: 02/22/2013 5:52 PM By: Leslie Dyste

A Minneapolis woman has been charged with kidnapping after police said she befriended another woman and then kidnapped her 8-month-old son.

Isabel Diaz-Castillo, 30, was charged Friday in Hennepin County.

The boy's mother, Vicky Orozco, called police Wednesday and said her son Carlos had been taken from her apartment.

According to the criminal complaint, Orozco said Carlos was in a car seat on the couch while she was taking a shower.

When she got out of the shower, Carlos was gone while the empty car seat remained on the couch.

Orozco said she met a woman named 'Elli,' later identified as Diaz-Castillo, at a laundromat about a month ago. 

Diaz-Castillo seemed to take an extreme interest in Carlos and revealed that she had recently suffered a miscarriage.

She had been over to Orozco's apartment several times since they met.

Diaz-Castillo had agreed to loan Orozco some money and was supposed to come over the morning of Feb. 20.

Orozco said Diaz-Castillo called multiple times to say she would arrive in 15 minutes but had not arrived.

The last time Diaz-Castillo called, Orozco said she was going to get in the shower. When she got out of the shower she discovered Carlos was missing and she called police.

An Amber Alert was issued and Carlos was recovered several hours later. When officers tried to take Carlos from Diaz-Castillo she screamed, "That's my baby" and would not let him go. Officers had to remove Carlos from her arms.

Diaz-Castillo's sister-in-law told police that when Diaz-Castillo showed up Wednesday with the child, she said it was a son she had been trying to bring back from Mexico. Police found two full suitcases packed on a bed.

After being reunited with Carlos, Orozco said she noticed his hair had been cut.

Diaz-Castillo was in the Hennepin County Jail on Friday and didn't respond to a message.

Click here to read the criminal complaint.

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