Two Lawmakers Introduce Child Care Unionization Bill

Updated: 02/25/2013 6:29 PM By: Jessica Miles

The controversial issue over whether child care providers should unionize is back.

In 2011 Governor Dayton tried to let some child care providers vote on whether to form a union, but a judge over-ruled the governor saying only the legislature could do that.

Now two lawmakers have introduced a bill to allow for a vote.

"This is about lifting our profession and joining together so we don't have to pass the cost of high quality care onto families," said President of Child Care Providers Together Local 3400 Lisa Thompson.

But not everyone agrees.

"We do not choose to be unionized, we do not choose to have the union represent us, we choose to be independent small business woman, " says child care provider Becky Swanson of Lakeville.

Those in favor say they want collective bargaining so they can negotiate reimbursement rates and discuss regulations that govern the work they do.

Those opposed say the costs of union dues would likely be passed down to parents.