Husband of Missing St. Paul Woman Remains Jailed

Updated: 03/01/2013 3:43 PM By: Todd Wilson

Several squad cars surrounded the house of Kira and Jeffrey Trevino Tuesday. St. Paul investigators say, it is a crime scene.

"We located enough evidence to show that a crime had been committed in the house," Sergeant Paul Paulos of the St. Paul Police Department said.

Police say, their main suspect is Kira's husband Jeffrey.

"There was enough evidence to place the husband under arrest," Sergeant Paulos said.

A missing person's report was filled out for Kira Trevino last Friday. Her car was found parked at the Mall Of America where she worked the next day, Saturday. It was towed and checked for evidence.

Investigators got a search warrant and went through the couples house on Iowa Avenue East in St. Paul. A third person living at the house was questioned.

"The roommate is cooperating and is talking to police," Sergeant Paulos said.
That's because Barb Garbe says, she lived in the Trevino's house for 13 years before them. She says, she feels violated.

"Even though we don't live there anymore, something like this happens, it's a icky feeling," Garbe said. 

As police continue their investigation they say, one thing is clear, they have no idea where Kira Trevino is right now. But they believe she is dead.