COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Scream Factory’s Terror Vision/The Video Dead

Created: 02/27/2013 8:26 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Shout Factory has done it again. They have released another amazing and outstanding BLU-RAY/DVD combo pack in their Scream Factory series. 

I just received a review copy of “Terror Vision” and “The Video Dead.” That’s right it’s a double feature, you get two fun and entertaining movies on one BLU-RAY and also on one DVD in the combo pack.

Once again it has been years since I’ve seen these two films and I know that I really enjoyed them.   I actually forgot about these two films because it has been so long since I had seen them.   

Terror Vision

“Terror Vision” was released in 1986 by Empire Pictures and stars Diane Franklin, Gerrit Graham, Mary Wornov, Chad Allen, Jonathan Gires, and Jennifer Richards.

It’s about a space monster that is being banished from a planet and it is accidentally sent to Earth through a beam of energy. A family is installing a new satellite and the beam of energy hits the satellite and the monster goes into the family’s television. The monster can come out of the television when it wants and it’s hungry for humans. The family has to try and stop the monster before it eats them. Can they do it?  You will have to watch to find out.

I absolutely loved this movie. It’s a really bad “B” movie, but it is so much fun to watch. It’s probably more silly than scary in my opinion, but it’s great. I know that horror fans that have not seen this film will really enjoy it a lot.

The video and sound are great. The picture is sharp and clear and the audio sounds really good.

Like always Shout Factory has added some never before seen special features that will blow you away. I was very entertained by them. The special features for “Terror Vision” are:


The Video Dead

I had a ton of fun watching “The Video Dead.” It was released in 1986 and stars Roxanna Augesen, Rocky Duvall, Michael St. Michaels and Jennifer Miro.

The movie is about a television set that is a gateway for the undead to travel through. On a quiet afternoon a writer gets a television delivered to his house by accident. After viewing a strange zombie movie he turns the television off. 

The television turns back on later and releases the zombies into the real world and they kill the writer. Later on a new family buys the house and one of the teenagers discovers the television up in the attic. He turns it on and watches the strange zombie movie and once again he releases the zombies into the real world. Now he has to try and figure out a way to stop the zombies and send them back into the television.

This is another great movie in my opinion. It more of a comedy than a horror film, but it has a ton of gore and I think most horror fans will love it. I thought the story was very original and creative.
The quality of the film is amazing. It’s clear and looks great.

I really enjoyed the special features and thought that they were very entertaining. I learned a lot about “The Video Dead” because I really didn’t know much about it until now. I thought that the commentary and interviews that are featured were very informative and fascinating. The special features include:


I really extremely enjoyed Shout Factory’s “Terror Vision/The Video Dead BLU-RAY/DVD Combo Pack.” I thought that these were two perfect films to put together as double feature. They are both very fun and entertaining movies to watch. This collection will entertain horror movie fans for hours.

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