Aaron’s Backstage Pass: The Collingwood O’Hare Collection Review

Created: 02/27/2013 8:30 AM KSTP.com By: Aaron Chalich

I am a huge fan of animation and having two small children, I do watch a lot of a cartoons and animated movies.

I just finished watching a very interesting and entertaining DVD collection from Mill Creek Entertainment called “The Collingwood O’Hare Collection.”

Collingwood O’Hare Entertainment was established in 1988 by Tony Collingwood and Chris O’Hare.  They have won several awards for their animations and children’s programming.

“The Collingwood O’Hare Collection” is a three DVD set that features two different award winning animated children series and one award winning short animated children’s film.

I really thought that the animation was pretty amazing. It is very unique and it stands out from other animated programs that I have seen. The characters in all of the episodes are beautifully drawn and are very colorful. 

I also really enjoyed the three different animated programs. They were all very entertaining and it was really fun to watch them, because I had never seen any of them before. 

The first animated series in the set is called “Eddy & the Bear.” This is a very fun and entertaining cartoon about a boy and his best friend who is a giant talking bear. They go on amazing adventures using their imaginations. 

In one episode, Eddy is sick and cannot go to a birthday party. The bear doesn’t know what a birthday party is, so Eddy shows him by using their imaginations and have an amazing party with a giant cake and lots of entertainment. I was really impressed with “Eddy & the Bear” because I liked the animation and thought that the message it gave to kids was great because it told kids that you should use your imaginations. You get all 26 episodes plus a special Christmas morning broadcast special.

“RARG” is a very strange short film, but I thought that it was very cleverly written. “RARG” is a fantasy world where everything is perfect and all of the people who live there are happy. One day they discover that they are all just a dream and the man that is dreaming about them is about to be woken up by his alarm clock and they will all disappear if that happens. The people must try and figure out a way to stop the alarm clock from waking the man up. I thought that “RARG” was very entertaining and unique.

The last series in the set is called “Animal Stories” and my daughters loved this and have watched it several times. I think that this series is also very cleverly written because every story rhymes and kids really like that.   

“Animal Stories” is a bunch of short stories and each episode features a different animal that has to deal with an everyday situation that we can all relate to. For instance there’s a pig that wants to lose weight because he can’t fit though his door, so he decided to join a gym.

After joining and not liking the gym the pig tries to go out running early in the morning and he doesn’t like that either. He eventually realizes that he should like himself for who he is and decides not to work out and to try and be somebody different. You get all 52 episodes that were created for the series, so that’s really great.

I really liked Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Collingwood O’Hare Collection a lot. The animations are great and I think kids will really enjoy it a lot. I also think that this set is great for families and for kids to watch. All of the cartoons have a great message and are fun for everyone. I also really liked the fact that you get every episode that was created for “Eddy & the Bear” and also “Animal Stories.” My daughters and I really enjoyed this set a lot and I think your family will too.

To learn more about Mill Creek Entertainment and their products go to www.millcreelent.com

Aaron Chalich is a columnist for KSTP.com blogging about the latest entertainment news.