Severe Weather Alert System Changing in Hennepin County

Updated: 02/27/2013 1:18 PM By: Jessica Miles

It's time to take severe weather seriously in Hennepin County.

The alert system is changing.

For the first time, the county will use digital signs and billboards to alert drivers of severe weather.

And because there are so many complaints the siren system is confusing, the county has switched from four zones.. to 20 zones.

In the past, if there was a tornado siren going off in Brooklyn Center, it would also sound 10 miles away in St. Louis Park.

Now, that won't happen. The 20 zones are basically broken up along city lines.
So, if there's a tornado warning in the northern part of the county the sirens won't go off in the southern part.

The hope is this will reduce the number of sirens going off to make them more credible.
City leaders say they hope this encourages people to pay more attention to the warnings.