Mother: Bus Driver Dropped Son Off Away from Home as Punishment

Updated: 02/28/2013 5:38 AM By: Tim Sherno

The mother of a 6-year-old boy says that her son was improperly on the way home from school last Wednesday in Bemidji.

Amber Thayer says her 6-year-old son Darrion has A.D.H.D., and was not obeying the bus driver's instructions, "My son would not sit down and listen to the bus-driver when he was told to."

According to Thayer, the bus drivers pulled the vehicle off the road and left his seat, "...and went to the back of the bus to where my son was at and the bus driver grabbed my son by the arms and tried to forcefully remove him from one of the back seats."

Thayer says when the bus pulled into the family's driveway the driver allowed 6 year-old Darrion's older brother off the bus, "And when my 6 year old son went to get off the bus the bus driver shut the doors on him so he could not exit."

According to Thayer, the driver dropped Darrion off at the family's usual bus stop more than 200 yards away. "The bus left him there and drove away and left him walking by himself crying."

Bemidji area schools Superintendent Dr. James Hess says the school district acted quickly once they learned of the allegations against their driver, "We had placed him on leave as soon as there was a concern." Hess says that he was informed that the driver later resigned.

There was another adult on the bus, but Dr. Hess says he was not informed of that person's role, if any, in the alleged incident, "I have no knowledge of anything that bus monitor did. other than they were present on the bus."

Dr. Hess says the bus monitor was initially interviewed and will be formally interviewed in the near future.

On-board cameras recorded the events on the bus but as of late Tuesday, Dr. Hess said he had not seen that video.