COLUMN: A Senior Moment with Barry ZeVan: March

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:29 AM By: Barry ZeVan

I’m Barry ZeVan, age 75, having another Senior Moment, and here it is:

We’ve finally made it to March. For many of us seniors, it’s almost like the end of a LONG march through the winter wilderness. It’s strange how our thoughts change about so many things as life progresses.

I think, generally, when we were very young, snow was exciting to see and fun in which to play. Then, in our teens, some of us were lucky enough to learn how to ski and kept anticipating the first snowfall of the Winter, still playing when not on ski hills with snowball fights and possibly making snow angels.

I lost my wallet making a snow angel once, when I was in my teens. Never made one again!

Regardless, for many of us, the skiing, both downhill and cross-country, continued for may years beyond our teens. The ski industry and recreation akin thereto was a major part of my life when I began hosting television ski shows (THE SKI SCENE) in Las Vegas, circa 1968, and continued them here on KSTP-TV, in Washington, D.C., Detroit and back here again on KARE-11, ending them in 1987.

I also have been writing about skiing for THE MIDWEST SPORTSTER, formerly THE MINNESOTA SKIER, continuously since 1971. The Minneapolis Ski Show allowed me to interview the world’s greatest skiers, who also became friends, from Stein Eriksen and Billy Kidd to Roger Staub and Wayne Wong, and so many others.

The television ski shows allowed me to begin producing documentaries about the Alps and other great ski places around the world and here at home. All that being stated, and now past my mid-70s, would it be considered hypocritical to state I personally couldn’t care less if I never saw another snowflake? I hope not, but it’s sadly true. This is not to diss or put down anyone in the ski industry, but rather to just simply state, as is the case with so many other seniors, Minnesota winters just don’t “make it” for me anymore, only because they’re more of a “make work” project for some of us, rather than being the source of the fun we used to have.

Luckily, the MIDWEST SPORTSTER allows me to reminisce about great ski destinations. Otherwise, I’d just be writing “Bah, Humbug” regarding Minnesota winters, and thrilled to see the calendar turn once again to the month spring begins. Forward, March!!! J Thanks for reading, thinking and sharing in this Senior Moment. Was I supposed to write all that? Senior Moment! Oh, just kidding, just kidding. See you next time! 

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