Deadline Nears to Remove Ice Houses from Minn. Lakes

Updated: 03/01/2013 1:14 PM By: Kate Renner

The deadline is nearing to remove ice fishing houses from Minnesota lakes.

Ice fishing houses have to be off the lakes south of the Highway 200, Highway 10 line by March 4, and north of that line by March 18.

As the sun gets stronger in the spring, the sun's reflection off the side of ice fishing houses can melt the ice, creating a hole. This could cause the ice house to fall into the lake.

According to the Department of Natural Resources on a warm windy day the sun can cut 15 inches of ice a day.

You can still fish for pan fish out on the lakes as long as the ice is thick enough. But after the deadline, every time you get done ice fishing, you have to take your shelter with you. If you don't the DNR could fine you up to $130 a day.

According to the DNR if wood and Styrofoam sinks through the ice it affects fish habitat and water quality, and can make for unsafe boating conditions come spring time.

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