Edina City Leaders to Crack Down on Construction Violations

Updated: 03/01/2013 7:35 PM KSTP.com By: Joy Lim Nakrin

City leaders of Edina plan to crackdown on construction violations. Starting Tuesday, the city council will discuss new ordinances to address building-related issues.

The city has seen a record number of new homes built in the past year. According to the Building Inspections Division, 102 new homes were built in the city during 2012. That's nearly triple the number from five years before; in 2008, 37 new homes were built in Edina.

But with the building boom, there have also been more problems related to trash, dirt, noise and or construction trucks blocking roads. City Councilman Josh Sprague explains, "due to the heavy volume of construction that has accelerated over the last year, we actually need dedicated staff to be out there everyday going to the sites and making sure the practices there jive with our ordinance provisions."

Sprague says that in addition to hiring an enforcement officer, the plan is to restrict work hours and launch a hotline to record reports of violations. He also says that the council could raise permit prices, and require builders to pay bonds. Sprague explains, "part of the new ordinance might be that when you pull a demolition permit, you're required to complete a construction management plan, to have a neighborhood meeting in advance of the construction and also to pay a bond to the city to guarantee the performance of the promises in the construction management plan."