Proposed Law Would Protect Coaches from Angry Parents

Created: 03/02/2013 10:44 PM By: Mitch Pittman

A new bill being proposed by Rep. Dean Urdahl would add one sentence to the existing law to protect coaches from being fired solely because of parent complaints.

"What I'm trying to do is change the focus away from parents to the student athlete," said Urdahl, who is himself a former state championship-winning coach. "Parental concerns are certainly important, but should not be the sole reason for dismissing a coach."

The goal is to give coaches some kind of recourse if they are dismissed to find out why and fight it if it's just because some parent with persuasion wasn't happy about something such as their child's playing time.

It's important to note this would not protect coaches who in any way violate the law or doing something inappropriate, this is only for parents' more petty complaints.