Deadline Hits to Get Ice Houses off Lakes

Updated: 03/04/2013 9:57 AM By: Katherine Johnson

Les Foster and his son Alex are only two pan fish short of the limit, but they couldn't stay out all day. Even though their ice house is easy to move.

They packed up early to help a friend remove their permanent ice house from the lake before the deadline hit.

The deadline is midnight March 4th. If it's not off the owner could either face a fine or the DNR could take the ice house altogether. Either way it's an expensive problem to have.

Fines for leaving your ice house unattended on a lake past the removal deadline run as steep as $130 per day.

You can still fish out on the lakes as long as the ice is thick enough. But now every time you get done ice fishing, you have to take your shelter with you.

This is the deadliest winter on Minnesota ice in five years. Five people have died falling through Minnesota lakes. The DNR says a sixth person is missing and presumed drowned.

So Les and his son aren't taking any chances, they're obeying the rules and getting their heavy gear off the lake in time.