Stillwater Schools Brace for Possible Budget Cuts

Updated: 03/04/2013 7:11 AM By: Jay Kolls

Stillwater Schools might have to trim 11-million dollars from their budget, if a tax levy is not renewed by voters in the fall. That's why a group of parents and students have started mobilizing now to get out a positive message about Stillwater Schools nine months before the vote would even happen.

The District has outlined tentative proposed budget cuts and that's why the parents' group started a web site and welcomes volunteers to the cause.

One of the cuts that's created a stir is the proposed elimination of the District's well respected orchestra program. Other possible cuts include 50 teachers district-wide, the closing of an elementary school and scaling back on bus transportation.

These are all preliminary proposals and nothing has been finalized. And, if the levy is extended, none of these cuts would be necessary.

Stillwater Schools have opened their doors for several public hearings on the issue and a final decision on the list of proposed cuts is not due to the public until April 11th.

We asked District officials for an interview, but they declined telling us they would comment more on these issues after the Stillwater School Board meets this week.